YGOPRO Dawn of a New Era Version             June 3, 2012

The game has been updated to version An online user list has been added, you can stat private conversation and mute/unmute players from there now.

Additional security features have also been added as well as advanced banning options.

You can download the game from here.

Remember to like us on Facebook.

Server Upgrade                                                         May, 25, 2012

The server will be down for some time. We are upgrading the hardware to allow the server to support more users. We expect the server to be back online early next week.

Until the server is restored you can use our hamachi network:

Network: KC-YGOPRO

Password: mikop 

YGOPRO Dawn of a New Era Tag Duel Mode                 May 19, 2012

YGOPRO Dawn of a New Era has been released, you can download it here. Tag dueling has been added to the game, players can now play 2 vs 2 player duels.

Make sure to check the patch notes page here to see the full list of new updates and fixed issues.

If you have any suggestions you can post on the forum, any suggestions are welcome. Make sure to report any bugs you might find on the forum as well.

We are currently looking for additional staff, feel free to check the jobs page and apply for a position if you meet the requirements.

YGOPRO Dawn of a New Era Official Release               April 28, 2012

The beta for YGOPRO Dawn of a New Era is finished, you can download the full game here. Make sure to read the patch notes to see all the new updates.

We plan to add a ranking system soon, in addition to this we plan to add additional security features in the upcoming weeks.

If you have any suggestions you can post on the forum, any suggestions are welcome. Make sure to report any bugs you might find on the forum as well.

We are currently looking for additional staff, feel free to check the jobs page and apply for a position if you meet the requirements.

YGOPRO Dawn of a New Era Server Maintenance         April 28, 2012

YGOPRO Dawn of a New Era servers will be down for 24 hours as we prepare for the official release of the game. Once the servers are back up you will be able to download the full version of the game and begin dueling once again.

YGOPRO Dawn of a New Era                       April 22, 2012

The new version of the game has been released, this version contains some bug fixes, read the patch notes to see the full list of updates.

The game can be downloaded here.

YGOPRO Dawn of a New Era                       April 20, 2012

The new version of the game has been released. Every bug found so far has been fixed. In addition to this sound has been added. We are planning to make a new ranking system next week.

We are using the Percy version of the game, if you want to use the server you still have to use the Host List to join and host games, however if you want to use LAN or Hamachi you can open the game from its icon.

You can download the game here. Make sure to check the patch notes page as well. You can also download the texture packs for the game here.

YGOPRO Dawn of a New Era Patch                              April 11, 2012

Patch 1.0.1 for YGOPRO Dawn of a New Era has been released. In this patch several major bugs were fixed:

1. The game now supports TCG/OCG hosting

2. The launcher now includes a chatbox and a list that shows all of the current hosts

3. Removed the LAN host button and the LAN listbox

4. The launcher has been fixed, the fix is now included and no longer needs to be downloaded separately


You can download the game here.

YGOPRO Dawn of a New Era Released                          April 11, 2012

YGOPRO Dawn of a New Era has been released. There is a couple of great new features in this game:

- The game is built on YGOPRO, it has all the cards YGOPRO has and much more

- The game has an anime mode, which allows you to use anime cards such as the Seal of Orichalcos

- The game runs on a server, meaning there is no need for hamachi or other VPN software

- The game has an advanced anti-cheat system meaning no more cheaters


You can download the game here. The game is still in beta testing, so bugs and server downtime may occur.

The credit for making this game goes to Fluorohydride and zh99998 for making YGOPRO and the server, as well as this <A> AltaYr for making the anime cards and the special anime mode.

Duel Disk Contest Entry                                           March, 27, 2012

There has been an error with all of the video contest entry forms. Due to this error all users must re-submit their videos. You don't have to re-upload your videos, you have to do the following:

Send an e-mail to: setokaibakc@live.com


Title: Duel Disk Contest Entry

Name: (your name)

Last Name: (your last name)

KC-Ladder Username: (Only if you are a member of kc-ladder.com)

You-Tube Video URL: (The URL of your video)


Only send 1 Video URL per e-mail, any video uploaded to You-Tube before February 15, 2012 will be ignored. If you haven't entered the contest yet, you can still enter. The contest will end on the day the duel disk is released.

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dawn of a New Era                            March, 21, 2012

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dawn of a New Era is now under the testing phase. The game will have multiple new features. We plan to release this game in April 2012.

Duel Disk Information Video                                  February 27, 2012

This video contains some information about the duel disk that everybody wanted to know. If you have any other questions you can ask in the forum. The duel disk page will be updated soon with some screenshots of the duel disk. We are planning to release a video showing us play multiple cards on the duel disk, as well as animated monsters soon. Don't forget to enter the contest and win a duel disk.


New Contest, Win a Free Duel Disk                        February 17, 2012

Our first official duel disk video was released on Friday, since there has been a lot of interest in the project we decided to give away a couple of free duel disks. Because of this we decided to make a contest that everybody can join. In order to join you have to make a video and publish it to YouTube.

The contest will end once the duel disk goes on sale. The user whose video has the most views at that time will be given a free duel disk. The contest begins today, meaning you can start publishing your videos right now, after you publish a video you have to submit it. You must follow all the rules stated here, if you break any of the rules you will be disqualified.

The duel disk page has been updated with some new information. We plan to release another duel disk video going more in depth about certain technical features since many people have requested that. We are also going to make a duel video where 2 people are using duel disks to duel, but this video won't be made for another 2 months, since there is still a lot of little things to work out.


Duel Disk Video                                                   February 11, 2012

The duel disk video has been released, its a quick demonstration on how the duel disk works. We plan to make a longer video featuring multiple cards being played at the same time early next week.

There are a lot of small issues that still need to be fixed before the duel disk if fully ready. We will post a list of new jobs tomorrow.

Kaiba Corporation Updates                                      February 7, 2012

The website is back up and running.  It ran out of bandwidth last month, we have fixed the issue and it shouldn't happen again. 

Duel Disk

The duel disk video is coming very soon as well as this a lot of new information about the duel disk will be posted. Due to the website going down we decided to combine what we were planning to put into the first video with what was going to be in the second video, this means you get two videos in one. We still need more money, please feel free to donate as much as you can.

KC-Ladder & YGOPRO

Since LogMeIn decided to change the hamachi room limits we were forced to buy a standard hamachi room. The hamachi network: KC-YGOPRO password: mikop, can now hold 32 members at the same time.

The website www.kc-ladder.com is constantly being improved as more and more members are joining, the remaining missing pages will be added soon.

Joey The Passion Mods

Since megaupload went down all of the mod links have been lost, I am not sure if there is any point in uploading them all again since YGOPRO is a much better game with over 3000 fully programmed cards.

3 Year Anniversary Preparations Day 2                     January 19, 2012

Second of the features that will allow people to get free duel disks is the kc-point system, as most of you already know, you gain kc-points for every ladder duel you play on www.kc-ladder.com, we plan to allow people to buy duel disk sets and duel disk upgrades using kc-points. The amount of kc-points needed has not been decided yet as we are still trying to lower the price on duel disks.

You will also be able to combine kc-points and referrals in order to get a duel disk. You can go ahead and start collecting points on the ladder right now, all the points you earn now can be used to get a free duel disk.

A duel disk page has been added to this website, you will soon be able to view all the information about the duel disks on this page.

3 Year Anniversary Preparations Day 1                     January 18, 2012

First of the features that will allow people to get free duel disks is the kc-ladder referral system. If you make an account and refer enough people you will get a free duel disk set, this includes 2 basic duel disks, 2 viewing glasses and 100 kc card protectors. In order to refer people you must have an account on www.kc-ladder.com, after that every time somebody is registering a new account they can simply enter your account name in the referral field, after that all they have to do is reach level 2, here is the list of all awards you will be able to get from the referral system:

1 Referal: Ladder Recruiter Badge
10 Referals: Forum Title - "Recruiter"
25 Referals: Special Ladder Item: Orichalcos Ring
50 Referals: User added to the Hall of Fame
100 Referals: 1000 KC-Points
150 Referals: Forum Title - "Senior Recruiter"
200 Referals: 10000 KC-Gold
250 Referals: Forum Title – “Master Recruiter”
350 Referals: User Selects 1 Legendary Item*
500 Referals: User gets a permanent KC-Points boost that doubles his KC-Point gain from ladder duels
1000 Referals: User assists Kaiba Corporation in making an item*
5000 Referals: User gets all non-tournament items and a beta invite for all future games made by Kaiba Corporation**
10000 Referals: Duel Disk Set***

* Some conditions apply
** Beta keys will be sent to him on the e-mail that is on his forum account
*** The User will recieve 2 Duel Disks, 2 Duel Viewing Glasses, 100 KC Card Protectors, shipping will be payed for by Kaiba Corporation

Kaiba Corporation 3 Year Anniversary Preparations    January 17, 2012

On January 23, 2012 it will be 3 years since since Kaiba Corporation was created. This is why we decided to unveil our greatest product so far on this day. This product has been under construction for a couple of months now, and we are finally ready to show you some of its main functions, of-course the duel disk is not ready to be released yet, but its main features have been constructed.

Throughout this week we will be announcing some of the new features that will be added to Kaiba Corporation websites to allow the most dedicated players to get a free duel disk once they are finally released. 

Free Yu-Gi-Oh! Automatic Game English Version       January 15, 2012

Download link & ladder: www.kc-ladder.com

The interface, card text and names have all been translated to English, you can download the English version from the ladder website. We have made a couple of updates to the ladder, we are currently working on items and referrals pages, you can go to the referrals award page to see all the awards.



Fluorohydride - Creating the game
Kaiba Corporation - http://kc-ladder.com - Making the KC-Ladder
DarkSaga - http://yugiohdarkarena.webs.com/ - Translating Card Description and Names
Percival18 - http://www.youtube.com/user/Percival18 - Translating the Interface

New Free Yu-Gi-Oh! Automatic Game                        January 6, 2012

A new game came out recently, this new game is automatic like Joey The Passion, it has around 3000 cards and it can be played online using Hamachi. The only bad thing right now is the fact that the game is in Chinese, some people are trying to make it English, we are hoping it will be done before the end of the next week.
This game was not made by Kaiba Corporation, and we had no part in the making of the game up to this point. The game is however open source and we are planing to make our own expansion that will add some of the things such as anime dueling.
The new ladder website is: www.kc-ladder.com, you can download the game right now and start dueling, watch the tutorial video we made if you need any help.

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dawn of a New Era                            January 1, 2012

We are getting ready to launch the closed beta. The game is still under alpha testing. Once everything is ready we will send out keys to everybody that has already been promised one, anybody who plays on our ladder (www.kc-ladder.com) will also be able to get a key using kc-gold and kc-points. We will also give out 100 keys to random people, a signup page will be open shortly before the beta starts on this website.

We are still in need of people to help us with some jobs before we can launch the beta. Check the Jobs page if you are interested in helping us, everybody who does help us will be given a beta invite.

We have added a donation page, if you can you are welcome to donate as much as you can. This will help us get a better server to host the game on, and will also allow us to have more people in the closed beta. Some of the donation money will be used for the Duel Disk project. Donating doesn't guarantee you a spot in the beta, however it does allow us to have more people.

A new job has been added called: Game Advertiser, anybody can apply for this, your job will be to advertise for the game and help others find out about this game. You will be given a beta key for this job as well.

The game page has been updated, we will be posting screenshots and game-play videos regularly from now on. If you have any feedback, questions or suggestions you can always post them on the forums.

Project List                                                     December, 13, 2011

This is the current project list, the green square around an item means its currently being worked on, the green arrow in front of an item means that the item is currently under planing.

The 2D version of the game is currently under Alpha testing, the 1v1 and 1v1 anime duels are almost finished, we plan to start releasing dueling videos this Friday. We are still planing to release a closed beta this year, this beta will have around 50 - 100 spots, players that have been promised a spot will be sent a code so that they can create an account, the rest of the players will be chosen randomly. We are planing to release an open beta early next year, we currently can't start an open beta because we don't have a dedicated server. A donation button will be added to this website soon, since we still need money to buy a dedicated server. Anybody who can is welcome to donate, donating will not get you any points or a beta invite, it will only allow us to publish an open beta faster. Since we don't use adds this is the only way to get a dedicated server as fast as possible.

Once the open beta of the game has been released we are going to make a website on which you are going to be able to play the game. The game on this website will have all the same features as the current one we are making, the only difference is that it won't support duel disks. Users that play on the website will be able to duel those using the client and those using the client will be able to duel those using the website.

We are still in need of people to help us finish the game as soon as possible, the jobs page has been updated once again, and a couple of new jobs have been added, if you are interested in helping that you can apply, everybody that does a certain amount of work on the game will be given a beta invite for the closed beta.

The Future of Kaiba Corporation                       October 30, 2011

We have gotten many e-mails and complaints about the constant delays of The Dawn of a New Era, and now here are the reasons why its getting constantly delayed:

1. The core code of the game has been changed twice so far to make it possible to release updates easier, to improve game performance and allow the game to run on lower end machines. 

2. The main focus of the game has been completely changed in 3 ways since we started working on it. Going from the original regular 1v1 duels to anime dueling with millennium items.

3. We don't have enough people working on the game, there has been plenty of applications for fun and interesting jobs and even for some other jobs such as graphics, but we still need people to do card finding and data entry.

4. Since Seto Kaiba is the only programmer working on the game he has been busy with a couple of other large projects as well as school. 

However, the good news is, that most projects listed in number 4 are either Yu-Gi-Oh! related or will be released on this website. The projects are the following:



Ever since season 2 of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series everybody has a dream of having a working duel disk. We decided to make that dream come true. We are working on a duel disk that will allow you to duel with your friends using The Dawn of a New Era.

Currently we are working on the duel disk model: Battle City Duel Disk 1.0,  we only plan to make 2 copies of this Duel Disk and use it to test and build the additional duel mode into the game before its release. The duel disk so far is able to read a card that is played, and if the card is in the database, play it on the field.

Three-Dimensional holograms may be impossible to make at this time, however there are other alternatives to using holograms that will give you the same result of being able to see unreal objects in the world. We have software that can show any object on the screen after the card is played, using tv-glasses anybody wearing them while looking at the dueling field will be able to see monsters in high quality along with everything else around them including people, buildings and so on. Below is a video of a software that is similar to ours to help you better understand what we are planing to do:


This software works in a slightly different way where it displays the object after it sees the symbol, while our software will only display monsters when they are played on the duel disk. If you want to play around with this, you can download Google Sketchup and AR Plugin, they are both free, and all you need is a webcam. 

As well as this the duel disk will have additional features such as voice commands so that you can declare attacks and use card effects. 

We currently have no plans of selling the duel disk, we might talk to Konami and if they allow it we might decide to sell completed duel disks. The main issue right now is the cost, each duel disk costs over $200 to make and the glasses are also needed which range in price from $300 to over a $1000 per pair depending on quality, we are working on our own glasses as well, however they would still cost over $100.

We plan on making detailed tutorials on how to make your own duel disk, giving you the links to where to buy each product and videos on how to connect them all together, the price of making your own duel disk is still high and over $200 per duel disk, currently the duel disks are planned for larger yu-gi-oh communities where a group of people collects enough to money to build 2 duel disks and than has duels between each other.

Currently the duel disk only supports original Konami cards and no custom cards, we plan to keep it this way. 

We plan to start making videos about the duel disk soon showing some of the features, don't expect to see a dueling video for another two months. 



If you have seen the movie Ironman or Ironman 2 keep reading, if not please go and buy them, watch them and than come back. I am sure you all remember the talking computer that could respond to Tony Starks commands. We are currently developing a program that will have all the basic functions such as opening files, running virus scans, checking the weather and many more. The program will be able to respond with fully formulated sentences where needed as well as handle complex commands, it will be a program like Siri that you have seen for iPhone 4S, it will work with windows instead.

We plan to make it into a Windows gadget, where you can simply drag it to one end of your screen and it will start up each time you start up your computer. We plan to add many advanced features to the program as well such as being able to open multiple files at once when they are all related to the same project. For example open a 3D object in its editing program, a text file containing all the planned changes and the source code of a program using a simple command such as: "open all files related to the duel disk project". As well as this the program will be able to perform many other functions completely removing the need for the keyboard and the mouse in order to do any regular tasks such as writing e-mails, essays, checking Facebook and twitter. 

We plan to release a video about this project soon, if you have any suggestions post them in the forum. 

Kaiba Corporation Updates                                     October 28, 2011

It has been almost 2 months since we released our last update, we have many important news and announcements to share with you today. First of all, the old domain: kaibacorporation.tk seems to be down, we are unsure about the reason at this time, however we do have a new domain that everybody should start using:
If dot.tk doesn't resolve this issue, we will most likely just update the domain name on all our videos, advertisements and programs.

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dawn of a New Era
Everybody has been asking the same questions lately, when will it be released? The answer is simple: when its ready and fully tested. The game has been remade twice so far, each time we saved most of the old code and just changed the core. We have been able to fix most issues with lag and the game should be able to run on any computer that JTP can run on right now, we have also separated the login server from the game servers, this means that in the future we can easily add additional game servers without the need for a huge code changes or large patches.
Since the programming of this game began many things changed, we originally planed to make an advanced version of KCVDS, however since there are way too many games of this type right now we decided to make the anime dueling and tag dueling the main focus of the game, which so far has been going well. The game will support four game modes: regular duel, regular tag duel, anime duel, anime tag duel. As well as this we are planing to expand onto the regular dueling with millennium items which has been suggested by lukasinski in the forum.

Other Updates:

We will releasing many new updates soon, a video showing Dartz The Dark Lord 1.2.0 will be released together with some other minor upgrades, after this we plan to release the information about our new project that will be released around the same time as the dawn of a new era.

Kaiba Corporation Updates                                       August 12, 2011

Kaiba Corporation Ladder

We created 5 new hamachi networks for the Kaiba Corporation Ladder, the old ones will no longer be used. The ladder website has been updated and some new features have been added. We have purchased new domain names for Kaiba Corporation:

Official Website: http://www.kaibacorporation.org/

Ladder Website: http://www.kc-ladder.com/

We have added a new forum to the ladder website, that forum is for the ladder only, not for the mods or the game.

Yu-Gi-Oh The Dawn of a New Era

We are currently working on the 2d version of the Dawn of a New Era, we will be publishing more videos about it soon, we are alpha testing certain elements of the game. Due to lag issues the card database will be completely reprogrammed. This version of the game will have very low system requirements and anybody that is able to run Joey The Passion will be able to play this as well.

We still need more help to finish the game fast, many people have helped us so far, new images have been added to the game, some of the cards have been finished, however we still need people in all the areas listed on the jobs page.

We still didn't set a date for the official beta testing to begin, we are planing to release the full version of the game late this year. The beta testing will have a limited number of spots, players with 1600 skill rating or more on the kc-ladder will be given a beta key, our partners and players that worked on the game will also be given a key, players will be able to obtain a beta key using their kc-points, the only current way to obtain kc-points is through the kc-ladder. As always we will keep everything free and selling of the beta keys is strictly banned, any player who attempts to sell their key or account will be permanently banned.

We have decided to add all cards to this game, including the new XYZ monsters. There will be 4 different duel types in the game as stated before, the normal duels and tag duels which will support all official cards and the last forbidden card list created by Konami, as well as the anime duels and tag anime duels which will support additional cards such as The Seal of Orichalcos and other cards only used in the anime. Cards that exist in both anime and official card game but have different effects will use their anime effect for the anime duels and regular effect for normal duels.

Kaiba Corporation Updates                                            July 4, 2011

Kaiba Corporation Ladder

Kaiba Corporation Ladder Website has been released, its still missing many features such as the items and teams pages, and its still under beta testing.


Yu-Gi-Oh The Dawn of a New Era 3D

We are going to start the 3D Design training course soon, the sign up form has been opened, if you are interested in joining just fill in your information and you will be given the information on how to start the training course.

Kaiba Corporation Updates                                         June, 24, 2011

Kaiba Corporation Ladder

Kaiba Corporation Ladder Website is scheduled to be released next week. The Website won't contain the items and the teams pages in its original release, they will be added in the future. The duel academy will be updated once the website is released. We are working on making the duel academy updates automatic, and also adding the feature where the duelist has to play at least 10 duels since the last update to be counted in the duel academy.

All accounts with 0 wins, 0 loses and 0 draws will be erased, making more than one account from the same IP address will also be blocked, in case somebody has brothers or sisters living in the same house that want to play, they will have to talk to one of the Kaiba Corporation admins and they will create the account.

Yu-Gi-Oh The Dawn of a New Era

The start date of the 3D Training Course has been moved to June 7th. The signup will be open on July 1st. The alpha release date has been moved, the 2D component of the game is not expected to be finished until late August this year.

New Hamachi Networks & Facebook Group                  June, 22, 2011

We have created new hamachi networks for all Kaiba Corporation members, the old networks will no longer be used.

New Hamachi Networks:

Network: KC-YuGiOh-1 Password: mikop
Network: KC-YuGiOh-2 Password: mikop
Network: KC-YuGiOh-3 Password: mikop
Network: KC-YuGiOh-4 Password: mikop
Network: KC-YuGiOh-5 Password: mikop

Hamachi network rules:

All users must leave the network when going offline, if you are offline for more than 10 minutes and don't leave the network you will be given warning points.

No spamming, swearing, threatening or impersonating other people in the hamachi networks, anybody will be given a permanent bad if they are caught doing this. 

Kaiba Corporation Facebook Group

We created a new facebook group for Kaiba Corporation. You can join by going here.

Kaiba Corporation Updates                                         June, 21, 2011

Yu-Gi-Oh The Dawn of a New Era

The training course for 3D editing will start on July 1, 2011.  Anybody can join, no previous experience with any of the programs is required. All the programs used will be completely free. Anybody who completes this course will be able to join the 3D editing team and work for Kaiba Corporation, you will be given kc-gold and kc-points as well as the ability to alpha test all games if you work for Kaiba Corporation.

We are still in need of all the positions listed in the Jobs page. You can join by sending me an e-mail with required information posted on the jobs page.

Kaiba Corporation Ladder

Many players had problems with downloading and installing our ladder program, this is why we decided to make a website ladder. There will be no download required to play on the website, it will have all the same features as the current ladder, and all the ratings and items will be transferred over.

We started working on this website some time ago, you can view the website right now, however you can't send or confirm challenges until the website is released.

KC-Ladder Website Link: kc-ladder.net63.net

You can post any suggestions about the website on the Kaiba Corporation Forum.

Kaiba Corporation Ladder                                          June, 10, 2011

We are working on a new ladder website, this website will have all the same features as the KC-Ladder program, however it will require no download. Currently you need to install NET Framework and the MySQL Connector, which makes it difficult to use the ladder program for many people. Many new features will be added into the website as well, there will be a chatroom and many other new things.

All your current ratings and points will be transferred over to the new ladder. People will be able to use the KC-Ladder Program to challenge people that are using the website, and other way around as well. The database will be shared and whenever you win or lose, your points will be updated for both.

Kaiba Corporation Updates                                          May, 13, 2011

Kaiba Corporation Ladder:

We have released an update for the Kaiba Corporation Ladder, this version is much more stable and shouldn't crash. The Duel Academy has been redone and we also updated the Hall of Fame. Gold Membership has been added, any person that became the gold member so far will have the "Gold Member" title in the Qualified column. The user list has been fixed and now contains an infinite number of pages.

Download Kaiba Corporation Ladder


Kaiba Corporation Workstation:

Kaiba Corporation Workstation has been fixed. You don't need to download the new version of the workstation. The old version and your old accounts should work.

Yu-Gi-Oh The Dawn of a New Era 3D                           May, 30, 2011


We decided to add a 3D world to Yu-Gi-Oh The Dawn of a New Era. The duels will still be done in the same way as before and the game will still be manual and completely free. Two different versions of the game will be released, a 2D version which will just contain the deck construction screen, 4 different duel types and the ladder, this version will be released a long time before the 3D version is released. The 3D Version will contain a 3D world in which the players will be able to walk around the old Domino City and some other popular Yu-Gi-Oh locations from the first show and from GX. Players will be able to do many other things in this world as well such as buying houses, cars and many other things which will help them earn more KC-Points, we are planing to start working on 3D Duels and Turbo Duels once the world is complete, the main reason for this is that we want to give 3D Designers time to get some experience with the program by constructing some simpler objects before we get into monster design.

Over 500 different buildings will be constructed by Kaiba Corporation, we already constructed some main buildings such as the Kaiba Corporation Main Building and the Dueling Dome from the first yugioh movie. There is going to be a free course in the first week of July hosted by Kaiba Corporation that is going to teach people how to use the software. Anybody that finishes this course will be able to join Kaiba Corporation as a 3D Designer and help us build the objects for the game. Nobody will be paid for helping us, because the game is completely free, however people will be given KC-Points and KC-Gold for every 3D object they create that gets used by us.

Sign-up forms for this course will be available soon, if anybody has any suggestions or questions you can post them here, you can also post your opinion about this part of the project. Even if you are not interested in helping Kaiba Corporation you can still finish the free course. All the software used is completely free and there is no need to buy anything.

Yu-Gi-Oh The Dawn of a New Era                                May, 27, 2011

The trailer that we published last week has gotten a lot of positive reviews, this is why we decided that we will start publishing gameplay videos soon. The card list page will be updated soon, we added around 500 cards so far.

You can still make suggestions about the game here, you can make any kind of a suggestion, not only about the card list. We still need more people to help us in many areas, most people are needed in the video and the audio editing, some spots are still open in other areas as well.

This game will have a built in ladder, there will be 4 different tables for each type of a duel, you will have to play 5 placement duels at the begging and after that you will be placed in on of the following leagues, depending on the amount of victories you had in your placement duels:

Bronze - Lowest level

Silver - Third level

Gold - Second level

Platinum - First level

All cards will be free, however you will be able to use your kc-points to purchase upgrades such as titles, avatars and much more. All KC-Points you earn in the kc-ladder will be shared with the game once its released.

Yu-Gi-Oh The Dawn of a New Era Trailer                      May, 17, 2011

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